The Brand Agents | Services
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    social media management

    Agents monitor and participate in social conversations on Instagram and Facebook for your brand on a daily basis. Focusing on social analytics, and social engagement to drive ultimate brand buzz and follower growth.

    email marketing

    Agents design and blast out creative email campaigns using MailChimp to help brands directly engage with their audiences in masses, while promoting/educating them on products or services and company updates.

    media kit

    Agents create a 6 - 8 PDF document that contains strong visuals and text to breakdown a brands motives and purpose. Used to showcase who you are and what you're about, media kits are sent out to encourage collaborations, or to simply 'sell' your brand to industry leaders.

    Insta - famous package

    The ultimate package combing one week of social media management and photography services, to transform clients personal accounts into a professional and influencer - style page.

    drone photography & videography

    Agents capture still images and video by a remotely-operated commercial aviation piloting / ``drone`` to deliver enhanced aerial cinematography and photography. Best used for real estate work, weddings, and events.

    content creation

    Agents digitally design custom folder of visuals specifically made to fit the Instagram platform. Packaged folder allow clients to upkeep their social media activity with new content to post pre-made and custom visuals daily. Prices vary depending on the number of content pieces required.

    brand event coverage

    Agents post photos/videos and manage live social feeds (Instagram Live etc.) to meet specific social media strategy, customized to your event goals. Agents activate and monitor event hashtag on social media channels to keep event trending and active in real time - so you can enjoy the event.

    photography & videography

    Agents capture moments in and out of work environments and at events to create visually appealing and creative images and videos to promote the company's brand, products, and services. All content can be repurposed for the company's social posting and website usage.


    Agents professionally write text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. Copywriting aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a company, person or, consumer to take a particular action.

    brand strategy

    Agents package their intellectual property by listening to your brand goals and visions to brainstorm and create a well-defined and executed brand strategy to help create the ultimate brand / re-brand introduction and presence.

    digital design

    Agents create professional advertising visual and text content with a call-to-action, to generate consumer reaction, drive sales etc. Specializing in event flyers and custom business card designs that align with company's brand aesthetic and theme.

    web design

    coming soon


    • Social Media Management

    • cad500/mo
      • 1 Instagram account
      • dedicated agent with email support
      • monthly social media review and monthly social report
      • daily ig post /  ig stories with custom curated content
      • guaranteed follower and engagement increase

    • Insta - famous package

    • cad400one time
      • combing our social media management and photography services
      • 1 hour on-location influencer photoshoot session
      • 1 week of social media management of one Instagram account

    • Graphic Design

    • cad150one time
      • $150 and up * depending on project
      • 3 edits included
      • custom digital design for business cards / flyers / print etc.

    • Email Marketing

    • cad200/mo
      • 2 email blasts per week each month
      • access to mailing lists of 200+ people
      • custom designed email campaigns
      • weekly analytics report / results

    • Studio Photohoot

    • cad250per hour
      • $250 & up / per hour (varies per agent)
      • 1 hour photoshoot session
      • In studio
      • brand-worthy images for website and social usage
      • 10 edits

    • Outdoor Photoshoot

    • cad175per hour
      • $175 & up / per hour (varies per agent)
      • 1 hour photoshoot session
      • outdoor / on location
      • brand-worthy images for website and social usage
      • 12 – 20 edits

    • Media Kit

    • cad200one time
      • one phone consultation to discuss media kit purpose
      • 6 – 8 page PDF file
      • 2 edits included
      • access to The Brand Agents 2,000+ stock images

    • Videography

    • cad300per hour
      • $300 and up / per hour *depending per agent
      • phone consultation with agent
      • 1 minute edited final video
      • high quality equipment

    • Instagram Content

    • cad150one time
      • 15 pieces of content
      • 1 edit per content
      • custom digitally design or edited

    • Drone Photography

    • cad200one time
      • $200 and up / per hour *depending on project
      • 1 hour on location session
      • contact for # of edits

    • Drone Videography

    • cad1000per hour
      • 1 hour videography session
      • high quality creative drone work
      • 30 second final video

    • Copywriting

    • cad300one time
      • $300 and up *depending on project
      • 2 rounds of revisions
      • consultation with agent